Learning Programs

Our Programs

The most influential years of a child’s life are from birth to 6 years of age. We believe that early childhood education based on a combination of Reggio Emila and Montessori’s principles forms the best foundation for a child’s optimal social, physical, academic and spiritual development.

Young Academics Club offers two programs in order to properly cater to the diverse needs of both parents and children. Each of our academic programs is specially tailored to set age groups, and is developed to accommodate their cognitive and physical progression.

Each program will focus on the whole child as we strive to develop their social, physical, intellectual, creativity, and emotional skills.

Young Program

(6 Months- 3 Years)

In this program children have a warm and stimulating environment, which supports each child in developing at his or her own pace. Each child’s ongoing progression is recognized, recorded and encouraged each and every day.

In this program:

  • We have a 1:4 ratio, one teacher for every four children.
  • Our focus is on creating a loving and secure environment in which we can develop a strong bond with each and every child.
  • Educators carefully monitor each child’s cognitive and physical development in order to administer suitable activities for them.
  • Our activities will focus on the whole child by addressing his/her intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.
  • Activities will cater to needs of every child in order to slowly grow their independence and self-esteem, and to prepare them for our Junior Program.

Academic Program

(3- 5 Years)

Our Academics Program encourages children to develop naturally at their own pace, proceeding from simple activities to more complex ones. Children have the freedom to choose classroom activities – namely Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Science/Cultural Activities – to satisfy their curiosity and sense of wonder, and to foster their independence. Through these activities and special encouragement from our trained educators, the children begin to develop the skills of concentration and attention to detail. With guidance through this challenging and individualized program, the children develop self-confidence and academic and life skills that prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond.

In this program:

  • We have a 1:8 ratio, one teacher for every eight children.
  • Our focus is on providing safety and security in a caring and loving environment.
  • We provide beautifully presented, easily accessible environments both indoors and outdoors that invite children to explore, make choices and empower them to make decisions about their learning
  • We incorporate the use of technology, interactive whiteboards, and computers to provide your child with endless opportunities to further their interests and gain experience with real life tools that they will use once they move to formal schooling.
  • We have fully qualified educators to oversee your child’s individual educational program and assist them with a comprehensive school readiness program when it is time for your child to make the transition to formal schooling.

Our Extra Curricular Activities

We offer a variety of weekly programs to engage your child’s body and mind.  Weekly programs, such as:

  • Second Language (French)
  • Creative Art
  • Music & Movement
  • Cooking
  • Yoga

Seasonal Programs

The seasonal programs are mainly offered during spring and summer. Seasonal programs such as:

  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Karate
  • Multi-sports classes
  • Gardening